About Us

Swargarohini Adventures is a fast growing trekking company based in Dehradun, Uttarakhand with experienced staff of well trained mountaineers. It is founded by Mr. Prashant Rawat. We have a staff of experienced people from the same reason so they know everything about the region and have a vast knowledge of the Himalayan terrain. Our all treks run by a group of youth and experienced team of local peoples in various parts of Himalayas. Our staff is care about the guest, environment, responsible tourism, of the region and keeps your tastes, interests, time and budget. We have a professional staff of well experienced guides, cooks, camp staff and porters those are constantly endeavor to make your trip a memorable one in each and every sense.

We provide Adventure Outdoor services and do not have any hard and fast rule to customize the fixed route as per convenience of our travelers. Our team is well- trained, experienced and has successfully led numerous tours and Treks to different regions of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh & Leh (J&K). Our staff's main endeavor is to providing you the best value for your money. You will find our prices compare favorably even to what you would find anywhere else. There are the local leaders in our company for Himalayan trips at entire India Himalayas and have a working experience in Himalayas of 12 years.

The main aim of our company is to encourage tourism in the area and to explore the culture and hidden treasures of the state of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and J&K. We provides all facilities for adventure activities such as High altitude trekking, wildlife package, well experienced traveling guides, cooks, and related services, tents,   mattresses, sleeping bags, rucksacks. There are the local people in our company who are operating trips in Himalayan destinations and also known about India and its reality.

Facilities Provided

  • Energizing, Hygienic and majorly vegetarian food with occasional egg dishes.
  • Hotel/ accommodation/ Resort in the base camp.
  • Transportation.
  • Railway reservation and ticketing.
  • Provision of all camping gear like tents, mattresses, toilet tent etc.
  • Provision of essential support services like escort, porters, cooks, and basic medical kit etc.
  • Emergency Equipment like oxygen cylinders and Stretcher etc.
  • Qualified and experience team leaders.

We and our team will get you where you want to go and assure you our best trip and will get you to know the real adventure of any Himalayan trips of India. We are the leading trekking company of India in a very short period of time and grow fast with our dedicated team and staff who has over 12 years of trekking experience in the Himalayas. We are responsible for bringing you the best vacation in the Himalayas and your entire tour is well synchronized and streamlined. We will explore mighty Himalayas, summits, quite a few peaks, trails and paths that would leave the rest of us fainthearted during your trip. This is perfect for all from the greenest beginner to the sharpest professional adventure travelers.

Our Team

Prashant Tamang Rawat

Born in the mountains; brought up in the forests, this vibrant young chap is probably the most gnarly climber among the climbing community in India. Earned the name Tamang (legendary climber from Nepal) amid his team, Prashant Rawat is known for his craze for adventure and mountains.

Coming. Pro skier from the humble roots in Sankri, a small village in Har ki Dun valley, after finishing his formal mountaineering training at NIM (Nehru Institute of Mountaineering), he started leading big climbing expedition country skiing trekking and kayaking with SWARGAROHINIADVENTURES Few of his favorite ones would be,

  • Mount Ranglana
  • Mount Kalang
  • Mount Swargarohini
  • Mount Hata
  • Mount Chaklan
  • Mount Bandarpuch
  • Mount Deotibba
  • Mount Kanamo
  • Mount DKD
  • Mount Mentok
  • Mount Parang
  • Parang La
  • Source of Ganges
  • Rupin Pass
  • Rupin Supin Trek
  • Maldaru trek
  • Bali Pass
  • Borasu pass
  • Stok Kangri
  • Hamta Pass
  • Pin parvati pass
  • Kalindikhal
  • Auden´s Col
  • Nalgan Pass
  • Mount Devkiyara
  • Devkiyara Pass
  • Goru Pass
  • Harkidun
  • Dumdarkandi Pass

Kamila Paulina

I am interested in people and places, and I care for both because I am familiar with foreign cultures, lifestyles and expectations.

Wildlife, nature, mountains , adventure was something I was always hooked. Always ready for adventure whether it was in my journey solo around Europe or in mountains.... I always enjoy it and when it comes to travelling I holds a good experience to trek.

I always knew that I wanted a job where I can meet people from all parts of the world and integrate with different personalities. I´ve always enjoyed passing on knowledge and skills to others. Its my pleasure to make time with people and I want they remember me in the small part of their whole life Travelling is my passion and I am specially working as a tour guide .... I will give you very safe and enjoyable journey.

I love to meet with new people and shere many things with them about culture, place where they are traveling, wild nature and I offer always my time. I am very flexible to adapt myself in any situation easily. I always try my best to make my clients comfortable.

I am empatic, friendly, person and understand the needs of others. I take personal interest in ensuring my clients interests, pace of travel and safety are met. I am also attentive to their moods and physical state of health on a day to day basis. So where you like to be with me its your choice and i am shure you are going to have a great time here

I specialize in private tours for small groups or families with children. The goal of each tour is to share the knowledge of the area by paying attention to your interest and the weather. I do trekking with relaxation techniques, spiritual tours, local sightseeing tours, walking tourswith.

I wants to let everyone see and feel the Himalayan beauty. When it comes to trekking I am currently learning because I´d like to be better than I was yesterday.

I started to work in Swargarohini Adventures as a Mountain Trip Leader.

My passions: mountains, adventure, martial arts, relaxation techniques, dance, horses, poetry, photography, mental support for people in need, animal care

Love to mountains and adventures I have in genes .... my ancestors loved mountains, adventure, they traveling the world, were tolerant and curious about new cultures, customs and people .... we grandmother and her mother repeatedly traveled to India and they were in love In the diversity of India